How Often Do We Judge A Book By Its Cover?

How Often Do We Judge A Book By Its Cover?

I’m guilty of this. So guilty!

I make up my mind very, very quickly if I think I’ll enjoy a book by it’s cover – if it looks very fantasy-esque I won’t touch it, if it looks plain it won’t get a second look. Even if the cover looks amazing, if the spine isn’t that interesting and the book isn’t on the top of the pile – it WILL get overlooked. Sorry!

On the other side of the coin I tend to be attracted to very bright covers – I wouldn’t be surprised if this has some connection to the fact that virtually all of my favourite books have bright covers. To date I don’t think a bright coloured book has let me down. If a book is bright, chances are I’ll spot it and take a closer look. I’m so fickle :)

I was sorting through my bookcases last weekend and the books that I’ve chosen to give away from my yet unread pile all fit in with this criteria. If the book doesn’t look from the cover like something I would like than it goes onto the give away pile without a second glance.

And this definitely extends into blogs and bookshops. I use BlogLovin to read blogs – though I might do it differently to many people. I don’t login to the website, I wait for the daily digest email and scroll down to find posts that capture my attention. But I’m not looking for titles – I’m looking for covers. Of course discussion post titles catch my eye but other than those I decide whether to read a post based on the picture – in the case of reviews this means book covers.

I’m sure I miss out on books that I might love because the cover looks like something I wouldn’t like as I simply don’t read reviews of books whose covers don’t appeal to me. There are exceptions – if a see a book appear repeatedly in the digest then often I’ll check it out (this happened with The Dark Inside) but it’s an exception rather than a rule.

So that’s me – do you agree? Can a cover put you off / entice you to a book and do we all at the end of the day judge a book by its cover? I think it’s hard not to! How about proofs and ARCs?

  1. I am so guilty of doing this, I know I browse through book shops and if I don’t like the cover I won’t buy it.
    I can think of two examples of me judging a book cover, but then end up loving the book.
    Amy & Rogers Epic Detour was my first that I can remember, the UK cover is pink, which generally tends to put me off anyway, but I ended up winning a copy of the book, read it, and completley loved it.
    Transparrent by Natalie Whipple was the other. I saw the USA version on netgalley and the cover put me off even reading the synopsis, but when it was picked up in the UK with a completley different cover, I needed to get the book, I needed to read it, and I once again completley loved it.

    I thnk being a blogger is hard, especially as we get so many review books, books with covers that appeal to me will always get picked up first out of unsolicited ones. Requested ones tend to be better as the book actually appeals to me in some way for me to request it so I don’t really judge them on covers.
    Michelle @ Much Loved Books recently posted..Life of a Blogger: Favourite Actors/ActressesMy Profile

    • I’m a little better when it comes to buying books – but when choosing my next read I’m terrible!

      I find that proofs that I haven’t requested have a habit of being neglected if the cover doesn’t interest me (plain covers often get overlooked) :(

  2. I normally find out about books via twitter reccomendations, so covers don’t come into it as much as they used to, but when I’m in a shop, covers really do help in getting my attention. Also, if I’m in two minds as to whether or not I want to keep a book (I only keep them if I love them), a pretty cover means it’ll probably get kept.
    Nina @ Death Books and Tea recently posted..Book Review- Fleeced by Julia WillsMy Profile

    • I’m the same – I never buy a book without first having a recommendation in some form (normally reviews) so covers don’t really come into it when buying but when choosing which to keep – they have to look nice on the bookshelf :)

    • Yay, we’re not alone – pretty looking covers always attract me – especially when choosing what to read next and what to keep! :)

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